Organography of the NNJC

Organography of the N.N.J.C

On the 22nd of December 1973, the Governments of Nigeria and Niger signed a protocol amending the 1971 Convention, thereby instituting the following three main organs to direct the affairs of the Joint Commission:

- The High Authority

- The Council of Ministers

- The Permanent Secretariat.

    i)   The High Authority is the supreme organ of the Commission and it is composed of the two Heads of State of the member countries. It is expected to meet at least once a year.

       ii)  The Council of Ministers, which meets at least once a year, is responsible to the High Authority and is made up of equal number of representatives of the two Governments of analogous status. The Chairmanship of the Council of Ministers is assumed by the Country that hosted the last meeting.

     iii)  The Permanent Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the Commission and for the implementation of the decisions of the High Authority and the Council of Ministers. It is headed by the Secretary General proposed by the Government of Nigeria and nominated by the two countries, assisted by the Assistant Secretary General who is also proposed by Niger and approved by the two Governments.