Brief History of the NNJC

Brief History of the N.N.J.C

The creation of the Joint Commission was the result of the two Summit Meetings, which took place in 1970 and 1971 between the Heads of State of the Republic of Niger and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It will be recalled that it was as a result of the State visits of the Niger Head of State, Late Diori Hammani to Nigeria in November 1970 and that of the Nigerian Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon to Niger in March 1971, that the two Governments decided to create a legal and permanent framework vested with the responsibility of implementing an effective and mutually beneficial cooperations between the two countries. This led to the signing of the Convention establishing the Nigeria-Niger Joint Commission in Niamey on the 3rd day of March 1971. The Nigeria-Niger joint Commission for Cooperation was finally inaugurated on the 23rd of December 1973 in Niamey, the Republic of Niger, where its Headquarter is presently situated.