Areas of Cooperation

Areas of Cooperation

Some special agreements which were to facilitate smooth cooperation between the two countries have, however, been signed to regulate the activities of the different sectors of the economic, social and cultural life of the two countries. They are:

- Agreement on Cultural, Technical and Social Co-operations;

- Agreement on Desertification Control;

- Agreement on Road Transportation;

- Agreement Relating to Fight Against Crop Pests;

- Agreement on Co-operation on Health matters;

- Agreement on the Establishment of Local Bilateral Committees for Co-operation in the border Areas;

- Agreement on Judicial Co-operation;

- Protocol on Information;

- Protocol Agreement on Co-operation between the Chambers of   Commerce (NACCIMA and CCAIAN) which led to the creation of Nigeria Niger Chamber of Commerce (NNCC);

- Agreement on Supply of Electric Power;

- Protocol on Sports Co-operations;

- Agreement concerning the Equitable Sharing in the Development, Conservation and Use of their Common Water Resources;

- Trade Agreement;

- Bilateral Air Services Agreement;

- Agreement on Reciprocal Investment, Promotion and Protection;

- Protocol of Implementation of the Agreement on Cultural, Social and Technical Co-operation;

- Protocol of Co-operation on Tourism;

- Protocol on Science and Technology;

- Co-operation Agreement on Civil Service;

- Protocol of Co-operation on Cross-border Issues;

- Protocol of Co-operation on Combating Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering Activities and Related Fraudulent Trade Transactions;

- Agreement on the Regulatory and Institutional Framework for the Management of the Trans-boundary Ecosystem between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Niger;

- Protocol Agreement on Audio Visual between the Governments of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Niger;

- Kano-Katsina-Maradi (K2M) Initiative on Food Security and Trade Exchanges;

- Protocol on Development funds.

- Protocol on Youths Development.

- MOU on the Representative Office of the Conseil Nigerien des Utilisateurs Transports Publics-CNUT (Niger Council for Public Transport Users).