Partnership with other Institutions

- MOU between NNJC and AGRHYMET Regional Centre based in Niamey for partnership and cooperation in the areas of food security and desertification control signed in December, 2011.


- MOU between NNJC and Energy Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on collaborative partnership on promotion of jatropha curcas farming for bio-fuel production towards sustainable energy development in Nigeria and Niger signed in February, 2012.


- MOU between the NNJC and the Niger Basin Authority on collaboration and partnership in the areas of water resources management and sustainable development signed in March, 2012.



- Also the NNJC has established a strong partnership with FIDA and PRACC for the execution of its Initiative on food security and trade exchange between Nigeria and Niger through three corridors viz: Katsina - Kano - Maradi (K2M), Sokoto – Kebbi - Tahoua and Jigawa – Kano – Katsina - Zinder respectively.